Someone Jammed Our Front Lock

The other day started out just as any other does for my family. We all got up, and half of us went to work while the other half went to school. I make sure I am home before the kids get home from school even though they are getting older. I am just traditional that way. When I went to unlock the front door, the key would not even go in but maybe a quarter of the way. I wiggled it and jiggled it, but it was not going in. I had a broken lock in Brisbane, and I did not know what to do about it at first.

I used the key for the back door to get in, and I had no problem. Hindsight told me that this was probably not the smartest move, but I did not think anything sinister had happened. I thought the door lock was just jammed. I called my husband, and he came home immediately. He tried to unlock the front door too, and he came away with the same problem. His key would also only go in so far, then it met with strong resistance. (more…)